Bahawalpur Museum

Bahawalpur Museum

Bahawalpur Museum is located in Bahawalpur District, Punjab, Pakistan. The museum established in about 1976 under the supervision of the district administration of Bahawalpur.

As you enter through the gate, the Nawab’s car greets you. The car is having a century old steam engine, initially developed for the Bengal Railway. According to history, the same engine again used for the delivery of materials in the construction of Head Panjnad. After the construction of Panjnad in 1931, it parked in the workshop. In 2004, the engine shifted from there to Bahawalpur Museum which is still there.

When you enter the museum with a ticket. Here you can see three different types of cannons and other munitions in the first gallery. These cannons belong to the Royal Artillery of the then state of Bahawalpur. Other items used mostly in ancient wars include guns, swords, shields, bows and arrows.

In the next gallery you can see ancient sculptures and other objects from Mohenjo daro, Harappa and Gandhara. Among the items placed here is a statue of Kali Devi, a wooden carved door of Kaladhari temple Bahawalpur. As well as marble statues, sandstone pillars, scales, and the head of Gautama Buddha. Here is also a beautiful model of Noor Mahal in the middle of the gallery.

Beyond that is the post gallery. Where various stamps issued by the government of Pakistan, including the state of Bahawalpur, are on display.

Next is Bahawalpur State Cultural Gallery. Which is most unique gallery of this museum, where you can see the culture of Cholistan under one roof. Here you will find antique silver jewellery, chests, wooden wheels, mirrors, pottery, paintings, lassi making bowls. And you will see a beautiful model of Derawar Fort.

The costume gallery includes rivers made in Bahawalpur region, sheets, khusa, Kashmiri and Balochi costumes. Also includes hand embroidered hats, lingas and groom’s sehras.