Hingol National Park

Hingol National Park

Hingol National Park is located in three districts Gwadar, Lasbela and Awaran of Balochistan, Pakistan. It is the largest national park in Pakistan. Which is spread over an area of ​​619043 hectares. The area declared as a National Park in 1988. The Park is along the Makran coastal Highway. It is 190 km away from Karachi.

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Hangul National Park is named after the Hangul River that flows through the area. The Hanglaj Temple of Hindus is also located in this park. Famous tourist destinations of Balochistan like Kund Malir beach and “Princess of Hope” are also located here.

The park covers three districts of Balochistan, Gwadar, Lasbela and Awaran. The park stands out because it has four different ecosystems. ۔ Did you know that Hangul National Park is the only park where emitting gas and mud swamps are also found? It is home to a wide variety of birds as well as Markhors. 

The Hangul National Park has three sections.

  1. Marine Range
  2. Aghor Range
  3. Inland Range 


The fauna of Hingol National Park includes wild animals of this park include mountain goat, eagle, chinkara, wild cat, seagull, long-eared weasel, fox, gadder, wolf and mongoose. Birds include the partridge, eagle, eagle, duck, golden squirrel, kirgis, tarn, chaha, hawk, etc. The reptiles include swamp crocodiles, long lizards, thick-tongued lizards, vipers and cobras, as well as many other marine animals such as turtles and a variety of fish.


The Plants of Hingol National Park includes Tamerix, Prosopis, Zephyr and Cactus. There are also some rare herbs. Which is of great medical importance. Local people use them to treat many diseases through indigenous methods.