Kasur Museum

Kasur Museum

Kasur Museum is located in Kasur District, Punjab, Pakistan. The museum founded in 1999 to preserve the cultural heritage of District Kasur.

The museum’s building located on the road from Kasur to Ganda Singhwala. Before it was the office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate before the partition.

The Kasur Museum has five galleries in which various artefacts are on display.

1.Archaeology Gallery:

The archaeology gallery of the displays ancient fossils of ancient trees and bones from “Bin Amir Khatun” Chakwal District. Which are about 8 to10 million years old. Also on display are pottery, human and animal statues, scales and weights. These are discover in an excavations at Harappa and other archeological sites in Chakwal. This gallery also houses statues of Buddha and Hindu deities from the Gandhara period.

2.Coin Gallery:

The range of this coin gallery is very wide. Which extends to Indochina, Parthian, Kushan, India, Early Islamic, Mughal, Sikh and British era. In addition, the gallery houses coins ranging from the earliest coins issued in 1948. And after the establishment of Pakistan to the present day.

3.Islamic Gallery:

There are three sections of  Islamic gallery.

  1. The first section covers handicrafts, wood carving, injectors, jewellery and other household items.
  2. The second part consists of manuscripts and calligraphy. In which the handwritten Quran of 1179. Written by a famous calligrapher Hafiz Murtaza Afghan Kasur. A few specimens of the Nasaliq script are also on display.
  3. While the third section contains weapons of the Muslim era and later. In this section swords, daggers, knives, armour, pistols and guns are on display.

4.Tehreek-e-Pakistan Gallery:

In this gallery, the story of Tehreek-e-Azadi has presented orally through pictures. As to acquaint the students with the important roles of Tehreek-e-Pakistan and Tehreek-e-Azadi step by step.

5.Kasur Craft Gallery:

Kasur Craft Gallery represents the Kasur’s Charkhana, Khes, Darya and leather saddles. These are famous all over the world which are display in this gallery. Kasur is famous since long time for its beautiful wood carvings, wood veneers, leather work and wood products.