Mian Kasteer Gul Sahib (Kaka Sahib) Shrine

Mian Kasteer Gul Sahib (Kaka Sahib) Shrine

Mian Kasteer Gul Sahib (Kaka Sahib) Shrine is located in Nowshera District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

Hazrat Sheikh Rahmkar Kastir Gul, who popularly known as Kaka Sahib and Zyaray Kaka because of Kastir (saffron). He was born on the 30th of Sha’ban or the first of Ramadan, 983 Hijri according to 1575 AD. His death date is 24th Rajab 1064 Hijri according to June 1653 AD.

Hazrat Kaka Sahib Hussaini was a Sayyid. During the Umayyad and Abbasid periods, the Sayyids faced difficulties, their forefathers decided to migrate and moved to other areas of their homeland, but the ruling class considered these people a danger to their rule. There was also this habit in the Sayyid family that they could not tolerate wrongdoing and wrong governance.

This family of Sayyid was scattered and they turned themselves away from the people. The people gave him names of honor and respect according to their traditions as a form of devotion, and their names remained hidden due to the titles and addresses.

Sheikh Rahmkar’s real name was Kastir Gul and Rahmkar, Kaka Sahib and Zyaray Kaka are names of honor and respect around the whole of Pakhtunkhwa. Sheikh Rahmkar’s father’s name is Syed Bahadur Baba and his grandfather’s name is Syed Nader, who is famous as Mast Baba, and this line reaches Hazrat Hussain bin Ali.

Aspiring writers have described numerous virtues of Hazrat Sheikh Rahmkar which have been revealed from time to time. But perhaps the way Khushal Khan Khattak has mentioned his greatness is per his rank. Khushal Baba says:

Allah has favored the Khattak nation

Who has blessed them with Rahmkar Baba

Kaka Sahib has served Islam a lot and saved his followers from wrong beliefs, may Allah reward him well.