Sadiq Garh Palace

Sadiq Garh Palace

Sadiq Garh Palace is located in Bahawalpur District, Punjab, Pakistan. Located in Dera Nawab area of ​​Ahmadpur Sharqiyah at a distance of 50 miles from Bahawalpur. This palace belongs to the former state of Bahawalpur.

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The ruling Abbasi family of Bahawalpur first resided in the Derawar Fort. But after the establishment of Bahawalpur and the expansion of the empire, he chose the central region. Which is Dera Nawab area of ​​Ahmadpur Sharqiyah (east), as his residence.

The palace grounds include the court, women’s harem, dining hall, Turkish hall, royal mosque and reception. In addition to this arsenal, gun factory, Pakistan’s first power plant, water plant, dairy farm, stable, motor workshop, as well as gemstone carpenter’s box. But now only their ruins remain.

The mosque of the palace which used to be very beautiful, now its four walls have fallen down and maybe no one comes to offer prayers in it.