Taxila Museum

Taxila Museum

Taxila Museum is located in Rawalpindi , Punjab, Pakistan. The foundation stone of the museum laid in 1918 by the then Viceroy of India, Lord Chelmsford. While its construction completed in 1928.

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It is a site museum, because in surroundings it has some important and ancient temples and stupas. All the artefacts in the museum have been excavated from the Taxila Valley. Buddhism and all related items are on display here which have so far discovered from different parts of Pakistan.

The museum has three large halls. The main hall is relatively large. There are also two small rooms in this hall. And in the middle of this hall is a replica of a stupa from Mohra Muradu. The hall consists of stone carvings and other stone objects. The South Hall displays items made of iron, copper and stone, as well as pottery and toys made of fire.

Coins, silverware and jewellery are on display in the two rooms of the main hall. The other room has gold jewellery. The treasury of this museum contains about 4000 artefacts. These include various types of stones, Buddha statues, metal ornaments and construction materials. As well as sequential wall stones, pottery and stupas. In this one museum you can find items related to Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism.