Tilla Jogian National Park

Tilla Jogian National Park

Tilla Jogian National Park is located in the dense forest of the Jhelum district of Punjab, Pakistan. Spread over an area of ​​10,000 acres, the park is the oldest and most protected forest in the region.

This park was inaugurated by then Prime Minister Imran Khan on February 28, 2021. The inauguration was part of his efforts to preserve historical sites and promote tourism in the country.

The park has a walking track, benches for families, washrooms, rest houses, swings for children and tuck shops. A large parking area, closed circuit cameras and check posts have been set up for added security. A 100 feet high tower has also been built for tourists.

The park has a record number of fruit trees as well as regional fruits, which are being planted for breeding wild birds. Small ponds are also being constructed to create fish breeding and aquatic habitat.

The Park is a natural wonder and a place of historical and cultural importance. It has a rich history and cultural heritage of various religions and faiths including Buddhism, Hinduism, Greek, Gukhar and Mughal eras. It has attracted personalities like Baba Guru Nanak and Alexander the Great.