The Prime Minister set up a high-level National Coordination Committee on Tourism to implement the government’s priorities for tourism

Prime Minister Imran Khan constitute a high-level National Coordination Committee for Tourism to implement government priorities on tourism

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The committee will implement the Prime Minister’s directives on tourism and review progress in this regard.

The committee will also review the geo-mapping, tourist facilities, products and services of the country’s tourist destinations.

The committee will be empowered to formulate concrete recommendations and issue guidelines for overcoming the obstacles in the promotion of tourism so as to create a conducive environment for the promotion of tourism.

The committee will recommend measures to remove barriers at the policy and legislative levels.

The committee has also been entrusted with the task of formulating a regulatory and enforcement system to ensure uniform standards in tourism-related matters.

The National Coordination Committee will review the implementation of public-private partnerships in the tourism sector, the promotion of small and medium enterprises, and the feasibility of various projects.

The National Coordination Committee will identify new initiatives regarding tourism.

The committee is also tasked with formulating strategies for the promotion of local tourism.

The committee will propose measures to enhance the capabilities of the manpower in the field of tourism.

The High-Level Committee will be empowered to issue directions to various Ministries, Divisions, Departments and concerned regarding tourism.

A committee meeting will be held regularly every fortnight to review the progress.

The committee will act as a focal point for inter-provincial, inter-ministerial, departmental and institutional cooperation.

The conveners of the committee will brief the Prime Minister every fortnight on the obstacles, recommendations and progress in the promotion of tourism.

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