Canadian Sikh Yatrees Revel in the Rich Heritage of Lahore

Canadian Sikh Yatrees Revel in the Rich Heritage of Lahore

The Tourism Development Corporation Punjab (TDCP) Sightseeing Lahore hosted a memorable sightseeing tour. The tour was for a group of over 100 Sikh Yatrees from Canada. The group was warmly welcomed at Terminal-1. They were accompanied by knowledgeable TDCP tour guides throughout their journey.

The tour encompassed several iconic landmarks of Lahore. These included the majestic Lahore Fort, the grand halls of Diwan Aam and Diwan Khas, and the stunning Sheesh Mahal. They also visited the historical Elephant’s Footsteps. The day was rounded off with a visit to the vibrant Food Street. This offered a taste of Lahore’s rich culinary culture.

The group leader, Mr. Mohanjit Singh, expressed his admiration for Pakistan. He commended its peace-loving nature and the hospitality of its people. He appreciated the efforts of TDCP, SLBS, and the Government of Punjab. Their exceptional hospitality made their visit a truly unforgettable experience.

This event showcased the historical treasures of Lahore. It also highlighted the warm and welcoming nature of its people. This further strengthened the cultural ties between Canada and Pakistan.

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