Illuminating Heritage: A Workshop on Lighting and Showcasing Cultural Treasures

Illuminating Heritage: A Workshop on Lighting and Showcasing Cultural Treasures

The PMU KITE Project, under the Department of Tourism (DoT), recently organized a one-day training workshop titled “Design, Operation & Maintenance of Illumination of Heritage Sites and Installation of Showcases in the Museum”. The event was a significant stride in the preservation and presentation of cultural heritage.

Expert Guidance

The workshop was led by Dr. Zahid Usman, a professor at the National College of Arts in Lahore and a recognized authority in illumination. His expertise provided invaluable insights to the attendees, which included supervisors, managers, and curators from various archaeological sites, as well as representatives from the KP Museums.

Venue and Participants

The training took place at the Peshawar Museum, a fitting venue given its rich historical and cultural significance. The Directorate of Archaeology & Museums, KP, found the workshop to be highly instructive and beneficial for their staff.

The Importance of Proper Illumination

Dr. Zahid emphasized the importance of proper planning and the application of necessary skill sets in the illumination of cultural heritage structures and monuments. He pointed out that poorly lit structures can significantly contribute to light pollution, detracting from the beauty and significance of these sites.

Recognition and Gratitude

The workshop’s importance was underscored by Yasir Ali Khan, the Additional Secretary of the Department of Tourism, Sports, Culture, Archaeology & Youth Affairs. He lauded KITE’s capacity-building initiatives and presented certificates to the attendees. Project Director Touseef Khalid expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all participants for their active and enthusiastic engagement throughout the session.

This workshop is a testament to the ongoing efforts to preserve and highlight our rich cultural heritage. It underscores the importance of continuous learning and capacity building in the field of heritage preservation.

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