Briefing on the ongoing projects in the tourism sector, especially in the light of the directives of the Prime Minister and the decisions of the National Coordinating Committee for Tourism.

File:Paya Shogran Valley View 2.jpg
Shogran, Kaghan Valley

Directs to expedite work on all other projects for the promotion and development of tourism, including ongoing road construction projects for access to tourist destinations. The CM KP Mahmood khan said that the rapid and sustainable development of tourism is one of the main goals of the present government.

The construction and improvement of Arbab Niaz Cricket Stadium Peshawar is a mega project of the provincial government which has to be completed as per the stipulated timeline.

Directing the supply of standardly trained tourism operators to the tourist destinations as per the requirement of local, national and international tourists.

Relevant departments should fulfill their responsibilities in time to develop the important tourist destinations of the province in accordance with international standards.

Work orders have been issued for the construction of access roads to tourist destinations in Hazara and Malakand divisions.

The process of hiring, purchasing equipment and training of staff will be completed in the current financial year to enhance the capacity of the hospitality industry and tour operators.

RFPs (Request for proposal) of 48 rest houses have been published for outsourcing and online booking of rest houses while RFPs of 94 rest houses are ready which will be published this week.

Work on the Integrated Tourism Management Plan 2021 has started while the Tourism Activities Calendar has been prepared.

Steps were taken in Hazara and Malakand divisions as part of the campaign to eliminate encroachments on tourist destinations.

An area of ​​67.57 kanals has been relinquished in Kalam and 11 illegal structures have been demolished in Galyat.

The provision of toilets for tourists every ten to fifteen kilometers will be ensured. Eleven tourist destinations have been identified for rapid development in the province.

The Gandhara Trial has already been identified for the development of the Buddha Corridor and plans for the Gandhara Festival 2021 have begun.

Numerous new destinations with tourist potential have been identified in the province, including five sites in the merged districts.

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