New Center of Excellence in Mountain Tourism: A Leap Forward for Pakistan

New Center of Excellence in Mountain Tourism: A Leap Forward for Pakistan

Islamabad – In a groundbreaking move, the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) has partnered with the University of Baltistan. Together, they will establish the first-ever Center of Excellence for Mountain Tourism in Skardu. This initiative marks a significant milestone in Pakistan’s tourism sector.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding took place in Islamabad. It was a historic event attended by notable figures including Minister Wasi Shah. He is the Minister of State for Tourism and the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Youth Affairs.

Minister Shah delivered a heartfelt speech at the ceremony. He reaffirmed the government’s commitment to improving the lives of porters. He promised to provide them with resources and modern facilities. His speech highlighted the importance of valuing human life above all.

The new center will play a crucial role in the certification of porters. This move aligns with the government’s objectives to enhance workplace safety and promote sustainable tourism practices. Additionally, the center plans to introduce skiing facilities. This reflects the government’s comprehensive strategy to develop mountain tourism.

The event also celebrated the achievements of ten renowned mountaineers. They have conquered peaks over 8,000 meters in height. Their presence underscored Pakistan’s rich mountaineering heritage. Dignitaries such as Aftab ur Rehman Rana, Dr. Naeem Khan, and Rania Saeed also spoke at the event. They expressed their support for this landmark collaboration.

The celebrations concluded with an eco-friendly hike in the Margalla Hills. This activity underscored the commitment to preserving the natural environment. Minister Shah personally handed out certificates to the participants. This gesture symbolized the collective effort to explore and protect Pakistan’s stunning mountainous regions responsibly.

This new center is poised to become a beacon of excellence in mountain tourism. It will foster a community of responsible explorers and conservationists. Together, they will safeguard the beauty of Pakistan’s mountain landscapes for generations to come.

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