Pakistan will make a historic debut in the world famous Dakar Rally this February

Pakistan will make a historic debut in the world-famous Dakar Rally this February.

In a historic first, Pakistan will be participating in the world-renowned Dakar Rally this February. The Department of Tourism Punjab and the Tourism Development Corporation Punjab (TDCP) have announced that Faisal Shadi Khel and Zafar Shadi Khel, the victorious duo from the Cholistan Jeep Rally, will be representing Pakistan and TDCP in this prestigious event.

The Dakar Jeep Rally, known as the world’s largest rally, is a grueling 5000 km race conducted in the desert of Saudi Arabia. With participation from over 100 countries, this rally is a true test of endurance and skill. For the first time in history, Pakistan will be represented in this international event.

Faisal and Zafar, who previously won the TDCP International Cholistan Jeep Rally, are hopeful about their participation in the Dakar Rally. They aim to lead the way as driven car participants in the upcoming event. The three-day Dakar Rally is set to start tomorrow, and the duo from Multan are leaving for Saudi Arabia today.

In honor of this momentous occasion, Secretary of Tourism Raja Jahangir Anwar held a special media briefing at the Site Seeing Bus Terminal. He expressed immense pride in the fact that Pakistan will be represented in the Dakar Rally for the first time. Moreover, Anwar lauded the high standards of the event and the excellent management by the FIA teams.

He further stated that TDCP takes pride in hosting the Jeep rally in Pakistan. This has led to similar events being held in other provinces as well. The 19th International Cholistan Jeep Rally is also scheduled to be held in February.

This participation marks a significant milestone in Pakistan’s tourism and sports sector, showcasing the country’s potential on an international platform. It is indeed a proud moment for all of us.

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